Our Dental Technology

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Digital XRays

Our office has modern low radiation X-Ray technology that delivers innovative, high quality digital imaging solutions to our patients. The digital X-Ray system, with its state-of-the art sensor and intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software, provides numerous benefits to you, our practice, and our other patients. Please have a look around and see for yourself.

Intraoral Camera

This small intraoral camera is used to take digital photos of the mouth for diagnostic, treatment, and insurance purposes. It is painless and radiation free. The images are reviewed chair-side with the patient during the exam to discuss current and possible future treatment.

Laser Dentistry – Zap Laser

One of the more recent advances in dentistry is the inclusion of soft tissue lasers. Lasers may be used to perform minimally invasive procedures, that in the past would require surgery, sutures, and prolonged healing time. Modern day laser dentistry allows us to treat a variety of conditions, such as periodontal disease, biopsy for removal of abnormal growth, and minor surgical procedures. There is a significant advantage in facilitating laser treatment as an adjunct to many procedures performed in a dental office.

Office Environment

Our professionally designed office allows us to care for you in a relaxing, comfortable, and state-of-the-art environment.